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Will Techmeier is the senior partner of Techmeier Law Firm. His practice areas include mass torts, class actions, pharmaceutical products and complex personal injury litigation. He has won a number of million dollar+ settlements and verdicts in complex tort cases as well as having negotiated the resolution of significant mass tort and class action cases.

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Despite the fact that technology in today’s automobiles is designed to make vehicles safer than ever before, the state of Wisconsin was projected to see….
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Our car accident lawyers ask if Uber can help reduce drinking and driving in Milwaukee.

Sadly, in the past, an inebriated bar patron who needed to get home after a night of drinking would not think twice about getting behind….
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Our Milwaukee car accident lawyers remind all that you don’t have to drink and drive to celebrate the new year in Wisconsin.

Through early January, residents of Wisconsin will certainly gather with family, friends and loved ones to celebrate the holidays and the start of 2016. It….
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