Our Successes

Our Successes

$2.15 Million Textile Factory Hand Amputation Settlement

Man’s Hand is Amputated by Industrial Machinery at Textile Factory, Case Settles for $2.15 Million A 33 year old man was catastrophically injured resulting in....
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Daycare Button Battery Injury

Child’s Septum Burned While at Daycare A three year old child found a button battery (about the size of an M&M) near his nap mat....
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Confidential Settlement for a Hand Amputation at a Chocolate Factory

Woman’s Hand Amputated at Chocolate Factory A 35 year old woman’s right dominant hand was traumatically amputated above the wrist at a Wisconsin chocolate factory.....
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Fatal Helicopter Crash Settlement

Man Killed in Helicopter Crash A fatal helicopter crash occurred on a business trip out of state. The three occupants killed in the helicopter crash....
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$1.25 million to victim of a head on collision

A driver who was severely injured by another driver who suddenly crossed the center line recovered $1.25 million for her serious back, neck, hip and....
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$1.2 million ATV accident settlement

A passenger on an ATV suffered paralysis from the waist down when the ATV threw her off causing her to land on her back and....
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$2.85 million Gas Explosion

A jury awarded a Milwaukee man $2.85 million for injuries he suffered in a gas explosion. The victim was working in a trench when the....
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$25.2 Million Paid by Utility to Injured Boy

Deal Settles Suit Against Wisconsin Electric Over Shock From Transformer by Neil D. Rosenberg, Journal Medical Reporter Wisconsin Electric Power Co. has agreed to pay....
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$2.85 Million Awarded for Man Hurt in Blast

Man Hurt in Blast Awarded $2.85 Million The Milwaukee Sentinel staff A jury awarded a Milwaukee man $2.85 million Friday for injuries he suffered in....
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$2.5 Million Injured Bicyclist Settlement

Cedarburg woman hurt, husband killed by runaway trailer By Meg Jones of the Journal Sentinel staff A Cedarburg woman who was seriously injured and whose....
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