4 Questions to Ask Your Lawyer

//4 Questions to Ask Your Lawyer

4 Questions to Ask Your Lawyer

For someone who has never had a need to contact a personal injury lawyer in the past, it can be a rather intimidating experience. Finding a personal injury attorney in Milwaukee or anywhere else doesn’t have to be a difficult experience, however. Armed with these questions, you’ll be able to gather the information necessary to make your decision, and learn a great deal about the individual you are interviewing. While Techmeier Law believes we are your best bet for a personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee, we’re happy to provide you with these questions, and we’d be thrilled to answer them for you.

What kinds of cases do you handle on a daily basis?

The cases that personal injury attorneys handle daily are centered around an injury caused by the negligence of another individual. These cases range from car accidents to nursing home abuse, and from premises liability to dog bites and beyond. A competent lawyer will provide specific examples of challenging cases that they have won and give an idea of their track record of representing accident victims. A great lawyer is engaged, excited and driven to win for their clients, and you will sense that passion when they describe their previous cases.

How long have you been practicing personal injury law, or my type of claim?

In the law profession, experience is very important. Make sure the attorney can provide detail of their experience in the type of claim you are pursuing. Make sure the attorney has a competent and experienced base of colleagues, associates and legal staff that support him or her. At Techmeier Law Firm, our talented team of attorneys has decades of experience and have helped thousands of victims of personal injury with their claims.

What is your track record of verdicts and settlements?

Experience is important, but the most important metric of a lawyer’s ability is the legal victories that he or she has orchestrated. The most seasoned attorney isn’t worth your time without a proven track record of wins for a wide variety of clients. When you’re being represented in a court of law, you need the confidence that your lawyer wins cases. The personal injury attorneys at Techmeier Law deliver verdicts and settlements for their clients, including many in the multi-millions of dollars.

Will a personal injury attorney actually be handling my case?

Many times a law firm will make a practice of handing off less lucrative cases to less experienced lawyers after the initial consultation, which can feel a bit like a bait-and-switch tactic. It’s important to ask this question to make sure that the attorney you’re speaking with will be involved in your case, and will represent you personally. If the answer is not yes, look elsewhere. You deserve to understand and know how your case will be handled at every step of the way. The personal injury attorneys at Techmeier Law Firm will see your case through from the day they accept it.

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