What You Should Do After An Accident At Work

//What You Should Do After An Accident At Work

What You Should Do After An Accident At Work

Employees who are involved in an at-work accident are usually entitled to worker’s compensation. Employers are required by law to provide worker’s compensation insurance coverage for all employees. In the Milwaukee area, no one fights harder for the rights of victims of accidents at work than Techmeier Law. Even with our expert representation, it’s important to be educated about your rights, and the steps you should take immediately after an accident at work.

File An Accident Report

In the case of a relatively minor accident, you may not even realize you’re injured. Because there is a short period of time in which you’re required to file an accident report at work after an accident occurs, you could run into trouble if you don’t take all the necessary precautions. Even if you’re absolutely sure no injury occurred, be sure to report the accident and make sure it is recorded according to proper procedures. Taking these extra steps in the immediate aftermath of the accident could save you trouble down the line. Likewise, reports of injuries prompt employers to implement new safety measures which can prevent others from being injured in the future.

See a Doctor

Even for a minor work-related injury, it’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible. If the injury is more serious, consider going to the emergency room. Be sure to ask your supervisor if your company requires you to see a certain doctor or if you are free to choose your doctor. If you are required to see a company-specified doctor and you are not satisfied with the visit, you may want to consider getting a second opinion. Even if your worker’s compensation coverage won’t pay for the second visit, it’s important that you get the proper care, and it will be worth it to pay upfront and seek damages later. If it turns out that your injuries are more extensive than first realized, you could stand to gain much more if you receive the correct care.

Don’t Wait

Your employer bears the responsibility of reporting the worker’s compensation claim to their insurance company, and they can’t do so unless they know you are injured. If you reported an accident but didn’t realize you were injured at the time, you should let your employer know as soon as you discover the injury. Any delays can result in lowered compensation for your injuries. Act quickly to ensure that you are protected.

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