How to Get a Work Injury Lawyer That Will Fight for You

//How to Get a Work Injury Lawyer That Will Fight for You

How to Get a Work Injury Lawyer That Will Fight for You

man holding work injury signHave you recently been injured at your job?

If so, you’re not alone. According to OSHA, there were 4,379 worker fatalities in private industry in 2015 alone.

After you’ve been seriously hurt on the job, you might be feeling overwhelmed and concerned that you may never work again. Because of this, it’s important to explore your options and ensure that you’re getting the full amount of compensation that you deserve.

If you’re unsure, it’s time to consult an attorney. If you’ve never used an attorney before, it’s easy to assume that they’re too expensive or time-consuming. However, work injury lawyers typically work differently and can help you fight for the compensation that you deserve.

To make things easier, here are four steps to ensuring that you find the right work injury lawyer for you:

Decide If You Need an Attorney

This step is critical in determining whether or not you will have a case against your company, which will save you a lot of time and effort down the road. Review the worker’s rights on OSHA’s website to make sure you’re fully aware of what you’re owed as a worker.

Next, review your scenario and gut check everything that has occurred since your injury. Usually, if you feel like your rights are being violated, there’s a good chance that they are. Here are some conditions that typically mean you have a case:

  • You have a pre-existing disability.
  • Your injuries acquired on the job required surgery.
  • You don’t think you’ll be able to go back to work again.
  • You don’t think you’ll be able to go back to your job because of newfound physical limitations.
  • Your employer denies your medical benefits.
  • You believe you should be receiving more or different benefits than you’re getting.

If any of these above scenarios apply to you, then you likely have a case and should proceed to finding a work injury lawyer.

Do Some Research

Once you think you have a case, it’s crucial to do a little more research and find a local attorney that you like best.

Make sure they have a strong background as a work injury lawyer and inquire about past cases regarding workplace injuries. Sometimes this information is available on the website, but don’t be afraid to call and speak with someone about their past experiences.

Meet With a Work Injury Lawyer

The final step is to sit down with a work injury lawyer to discuss your case in depth. Even though you’ve done some research, it’s a good idea to get multiple opinions on your case before settling with a lawyer.

Don’t be too concerned with expenses at this point. Many work injury lawyers work on a contingent basis and will only take money from you if they win the case.

Initial consultations are usually free as well, so there’s really no risk in taking a first meeting to discuss your options.

Ready to Schedule a Consultation?

If after reading this article you believe you didn’t receive proper compensation after a workplace injury, contact Techmeier Law Firm today for a free case evaluation.

No one in the Milwaukee area will fight harder for you, to make sure you get any compensation you’re owed. We’ll meet with you and personally review your case to make sure we’re able to win and get you the benefits that you’re entitled to.

Contact us or visit our website for more information on our work injury services.

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