I Slipped and Fell in a Store: What Do I Do Now?

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I Slipped and Fell in a Store: What Do I Do Now?

man fallingOf those of us who have injured ourselves from slipping and falling, very few have ever considered that someone else could be at fault. But if your accident occurred in a store, it’s possible that the business could be to blame.

Legally, any store that welcomes the general public onto its premises has a responsibility to keep them reasonably safe. Failing to do so could open the store up to premises liability, and your injury might fall into that category.

If you slipped and fell in a store, it can be confusing to know what steps to take next, but you don’t want to wait too long to act. Read on to learn more about what you need to do right now.

1. If You Slipped and Fell, Negligence Could be to Blame

Just because you slipped and fell in a store doesn’t mean that the store is liable for your injuries. But, if you can prove that the store’s negligence was the reason for your accident, then you could have a personal injury claim.

Negligence is defined by a failure to take the careful measures that someone of “ordinary prudence” would have done in the same circumstances.

In the case of an injury caused by slipping and falling in a store, it would be necessary to prove that your accident was caused by an unsafe condition that the store knew about but did nothing to remedy.

That might seem like an overwhelming task, but your personal injury lawyer will know what steps to take to determine if negligence did occur. The best thing you can do is to take the time to write down as many details about what happened and the conditions of the store as you can remember. Your personal injury lawyer will take it from there.

2. Determine Who Owns the Property and Who Is At Fault

If the store owner also owns the property, then there is no question that they are at fault for what happened. Many store owners lease the actual property, however, which could mean that the landlord is actually to blame.

Whom to sue depends on the nature of negligence. If you slipped and fell because of something the landlord failed to do—like fixing a water leak or other structural issue—that would be the landlord’s fault.

If your accident was caused because the store owner left the floor cluttered or knew it was slippery but didn’t put up a warning sign, then the store owner would be the one to blame.

3. Prepare a List of Questions for Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Even if you’re unsure whether store negligence was to blame for you slipping and falling, you should still reach out to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Prepare a list of questions for them, and together the two of you can determine the next steps.

Ready to Schedule a Consultation?

Meeting with a personal injury lawyer is the best way to determine if you’re owed money for your accident. Don’t miss out on what should be rightfully yours. Contact us today to set up a meeting and have your case evaluated so you can feel confident on how to proceed.

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