Why is it important to hire a motorcycle accident attorney?

/Why is it important to hire a motorcycle accident attorney?
Why is it important to hire a motorcycle accident attorney? 2015-11-16T17:12:44+00:00

What you have to remember about insurance companies is that they are in a for-profit industry. An insurance adjuster has a duty to respect his or her company’s bottom line. This means paying as little as possible in a motorcycle accident settlement. An attorney will work to help you do better.

Filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company or your own insurer is often a complicated undertaking. It requires you to complete and submit paperwork that includes documentation of your losses. It usually also requires negotiating for an appropriate settlement amount.

Among the services provided by a motorcycle accident attorney is dealing with the insurance company for you. In addition to making sure your claim is fully documented, your attorney deals with insurers directly on your behalf.

Having an experienced attorney handle your claim evens the playing field. You have the same day-to-day experience with insurance claims on your side that the insurer will have.

Our advice to motorcycle accident victims is to never accept an insurance settlement or sign anything offered by an insurance carrier after an accident without first consulting with your own lawyer.

At The Will Techmeier of The Cochran Firm Wisconsin, our initial consultation is free. If you already have a settlement offer, we can review it for you. If we think it is a fair settlement, we will say so. If we think we can do better for you, we will explain how.

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