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Texting-while-driving-imageWhy is texting while driving so dangerous?

If you are going 55 mph, during the 4.6 seconds it will take to read or send a text message, your car may travel 100 yards. Throughout that entire stretch, all of your manual, visual and cognitive skills will be taken off the task they should be focused on – driving your vehicle safely.

You won’t see the car, stop sign or traffic signal in front of you. You won’t see a pedestrian crossing the street or on the side of the road. You won’t notice that your car has drifted into another lane or across the centerline.

This is why texting while driving is so dangerous. This is why texting accidents occur. And this is why anyone who causes a crash while texting behind the wheel should be held accountable.

At Techmeier Law Firm, our lawyers are dedicated to seeking compensation for those who are injured by careless or reckless drivers in Milwaukee and across Wisconsin, including those harmed in texting-related crashes.

If you or a loved one has been involved in one of these accidents, contact us by phone or online to discuss your case in a free consultation.

Teenagers and Texting While Driving

At Techmeier Law Firm, we are especially concerned about the attitudes that teen drivers have about texting while driving.

In Wisconsin, texting while driving has been prohibited since 2010. More recently, in November 2012, a law passed that bans “novice” drivers from using cell phones in any manner while driving a motor vehicle.

There is a good reason why these distracted driving laws target teen drivers.

In a recent study, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that use of electronic devices ranked as the leading cause of distraction among teen drivers. Female teens were nearly twice as likely as male teenagers to use an electronic device while driving, AAA discovered.

A study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) and Toyota sheds even more light on this problem. The study of drivers age 16 to 18 found that 25 percent of teen drivers respond to a text message at least once every time they drive, while 20 percent of teens admitted that they have extended, multi-message text conversations while driving.

Our Lawyers Help Texting Accident Victims in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Despite laws that ban texting while driving and threaten punishment, and despite distracted driving awareness campaigns such as the “Don’t Text & Drive: It Can Wait” campaign that was held throughout Wisconsin in September 2013, the reality is that people continue to text when they are behind the wheel – and cause accidents.

At Techmeier Law Firm, we can help you with seeking compensation for any losses caused by a texting driver.

For instance, we can investigate the role texting played in the crash by:

  • Obtaining the other driver’s cell phone records – The time the messages were sent or read, or the content of the messages, can indicate if the driver was texting at the time of impact.
  • Examining the crash scene – A lack of skid marks, for instance, can indicate that no braking occurred before the crash – a sign that the driver wasn’t paying attention and didn’t have time to break.
  • Interviewing witnesses – Bystanders or even passengers in the other driver’s car may have seen the driver looking down or texting before the crash.

While action can be pursued against the texting driver, there may be cases in which other parties can be held accountable. For instance, if the driver was conducting company business at the time of the wreck, the driver’s employer could be liable.

A lawsuit filed on your behalf in a texting accident by Techmeier Law Firm would seek funds to cover your car damage, medical costs, income you have been unable to earn while recovering from your injuries, pain and suffering and any other losses you have suffered.

To learn more, call us today or complete our online form and speak directly with a lawyer about your case. Our consultations are free, and we charge no legal fees unless you secure a recovery.

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