Winter Car Accidents

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Snow, ice, slush, wind and freezing rain can all wreak havoc on traffic in Milwaukee and across Wisconsin during the winter. In fact, the Wisconsin Emergency Management Team reports that an average of 5,000 people are injured and 45 are killed on our roads in crashes each winter.

Unsafe conditions are certainly to blame. But so are unsafe drivers. Weather doesn’t always cause accidents. Instead, it’s people who fail to act reasonably and adjust their driving.

Techmeier Law Firm is here to help you if you or a loved one is injured in a winter car accident. We know how to investigate these crashes and identify why they occurred.

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Why Do Winter Car Accidents Occur?

If a person’s negligence causes your car accident, injuries and losses, you can seek to recover through that person’s liability insurance coverage.

What is negligent driving in winter weather? Many different acts can fall in this category. These acts include:

  • Driving too fast for conditions – It isn’t a matter of violating the speed limit but rather failing to reduce speed when roads are snowy, icy or slushy. A person in Wisconsin should know that you can’t always drive in February at the same speed as you can in July.
  • Failing to maintain one’s vehicle – Drivers should take precautions when driving on wintry roads. They should use snow tires or tires with proper tread so they will have traction. They should make sure that the defrost system, headlights and brakes work as well.
  • Drinking and driving – There is a reason why car accidents spike in Wisconsin during the holiday period between Christmas and New Year’s and on Super Bowl Sunday. People go to bars and parties at these times. Unfortunately, they drink and drive. Consuming alcohol and driving is dangerous in any weather condition. This is especially true during the winter.

Keep in mind that the “winter” can last for as long as six months, from November through April, in many parts of Wisconsin. It’s during these months when drivers who fail to take reasonable steps can pose a serious threat on our roads.

Be Prepared for a Winter Car Accident

Even though Wisconsin drivers know that our roads can be dangerous during the winter months, few of us expect to get into an accident. However, it would help you to be prepared for a crash. Make sure to pack in your car:

  • Windshield scraper (keep a spare one in your glove compartment)
  • Small shovel (to help you dig out of a bank or ditch if needed)
  • Cat litter (to help you get traction in case you’re stuck)
  • Flashlight (to inspect the scene or help you search your glove compartment)
  • Gloves, blanket or extra coat (to stay warm while waiting for police or EMS)
  • Camera or cell phone with camera (to take photos of the scene)
  • Notepad (to write down the other driver’s insurance info or witness information).

These are simple steps you can take. They will help you to protect yourself and your right to compensation if you are struck by someone who is driving carelessly on wintry roads.

Our Lawyers Help Victims of Winter Car Accidents in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

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