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Milwaukee Aviation Accident LawyerCommercial plane crashes are amongst the highest profile of all modern disasters. They often result in serious injuries and wrongful death. At Techmeier Law Firm, we have more than 30 years of experience handling personal injury and wrongful death cases. If you lost a loved one in an aviation accident, we are here to help.

Questions About Aviation Accidents

Contact our aviation accident lawyer to discuss your commercial aviation case in a free consultation. You owe us nothing unless we win you money.

Air Crash Investigation Process

When plane crashes occur, people may seek compensation for a variety of reasons. Our firm handles plane crashes involving:

Our firm recently won a wrongful death settlement for the family of a helicopter crash victim. Read more case results.

The crash investigation is often complex and unique. You need a knowledgeable lawyer who understands the various regulations and laws:

Unlike airline common carriers, owners and operators of private aircraft are required to exercise ordinary care in operating an aircraft. When their negligence causes a crash, the victims or their families can pursue a claim against them.

If an airline crash involves a common carrier, the right to recover damages depends upon whether the flight was domestic (within the United States) or international. The maximum amount of compensation you can seek as a victim of an international airline crash is $75,000 unless you prove “willful misconduct.”

For cases not involving strict liability, proving negligence on the part of employees of the airline, the manufacturer of the aircraft, its component parts, or maintenance crews is difficult, particularly since records, data, and the cause of the crash may be inconclusive. In order to prove negligence or product defect, an attorney must undertake an exhaustive review of all factors involved in the accident.

At Techmeier Law Firm, we have the experience and skills needed to seek compensation on your behalf. We take measures to promptly preserve evidence, investigate the plane crashes in question, and enable physicians or other expert witnesses to thoroughly evaluate any injuries.

If you or a loved one is a victim of an airplane accident, contact a Milwaukee aviation accident lawyer now online or at 800-242-1050.