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Milwaukee Male Breast Development Risperdal Lawyer

Techmeier Law Firm is currently reviewing cases in Milwaukee and across Wisconsin of young men who have experienced breast growth – a condition known as gynecomastia – and other harmful side effects after using the Risperdal antipsychotic drug. A Risperdal lawyer may be able to assist you.

Researchers have found that Risperdal use may expose young males to the increased risk of breast development, which can cause psychological harm and may require surgery to address. At issue is whether the companies behind the manufacturing and marketing of Risperdal adequately warned young men and their families about this risk.

If you or a loved one developed female breast tissue as a young male after using Risperdal, Techmeier Law Firm wants to assist you. Contact us today. Our dangerous drug lawyers can provide a free evaluation of your case and help you to understand the legal options available to you.

What Is Risperdal?

Risperdal is a tablet that has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of schizophrenia, manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder and irritability associated with autism.

The antipsychotic drug is manufactured and marketed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson.

In November 2013, Johnson & Johnson agreed to pay a $2.2 billion settlement of civil and criminal claims brought by the U.S. Justice Department, alleging that the companies improperly marketed the drug for use by elderly adults, children and the disabled, according to the New York Times. 

Studies Link Risperidone to Gynecomastia

A study published in 2006 in The Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology found that “risperidone administered to adolescents at doses commonly used for the treatment of psychotic symptoms can strongly increase prolactin levels, with clinical consequences such as gynecomastia.”

Risperidone is the active ingredient in Risperdal. Prolactin is a hormone involved in the development of breast tissue – typically in young women.

Gynecomastia involves the growth of breast tissue in males. It can be an embarrassing condition, especially if it develops during the teenage years.

Even though gynecomastia may regress on its own, a male may require liposuction or a mastectomy to treat the condition. These can be costly surgical procedures.

In addition to gynecomastia, a male with elevated prolactin levels may experience erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory dysfunction, decreased libido, tenderness and swelling in the breasts and reddish skin around the nipples.

What Can You Do If You Have Developed Gynecomastia after Using Risperdal?

If you or someone close to you is a male in Milwaukee or elsewhere in Wisconsin who has developed female breast tissue after using Risperdal, it will be important to speak with a physician about your treatment options.

It is also important to consult with a lawyer who has experience handling dangerous drug litigation. The lawyer can examine your case and evaluate whether you have a claim.

At Techmeier Law Firm, we are available to speak with you right away. Simply call or contact us online today to meet with one of our attorneys.

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