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Why are hundreds taking legal action against a heartburn drug? Nexium, a popular drug used in the treatment of chronic heartburn and related ailments, has recently been linked to hidden side effects, previously unknown to consumers. Nexium’s parent company, AstraZeneca, is now the subject of legal cases that claim the company acted carelessly.

Hidden Side Effects

Nexium, known medically as esomeprazole, was released in 2001 to the international market. Countless patients use the drug to treat heartburn symptoms, knowing full well about the stated side effects, including dry mouth, headaches, and more. What consumers did not sign up for, however, is kidney failure.

Nexium has been discovered to be a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI), which can cause kidney failure or chronic kidney disease. The drug’s warning labels make no mention of kidney-related side effects, yet expert studies have shown a direct link.

Legal Action

While there have not yet been legal settlements in cases about Nexiums hidden side effects, hundreds are filing suits against the AstraZeneca drug company. With each new suit, we learn more about the ill effects of Nexium and increase the likelihood of case settlement.

Do you have a case?

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