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If you have suffered serious injury after taking Pradaxa or lost a loved one as a result of the drug, you may be able to receive compensation. This new blood-thinning medication poses serious risks, and not all of them are known yet. We will likely only understand the full dimension of risk as people come forward after suffering injury.

This page contains background information on this new drug. To learn whether you can get compensation for Pradaxa-related injuries, you need to talk to a lawyer. Please contact us at 800-242-1050 or email Techmeier Law Firm in Milwaukee for a free case evaluation today.

What Is Pradaxa?

Pradaxa is a potentially dangerous drug. It is a blood-thinning medication that has been approved to reduce the risk of stroke in patients who have atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation is a type of irregular heartbeat that puts people at greater risk of stroke. It is the first new blood thinning medication approved since 1954, when the current standard drug, warfarin, was approved. Pradaxa is supposed to offer several benefits over warfarin, including:

  • Takes effect quickly
  • Does not interact with drugs of food (that we know of)
  • Does not require regular testing

Based on these benefits, the drug was immediately endorsed by the American Heart Association, the American College of Cardiology, and the Heart Rhythm Society.

Pradaxa is the first in a new class of drugs and has been followed by similar medications Xeralto (FDA approved 11/11) and Eliquis (approval pending, expected 3/12).

Risks: Known and Unknown

Because Pradaxa is a blood-thinning medication, it is expected that people taking the drug will be at a higher risk for adverse bleeding events. In the case of Pradaxa, hundreds of people died as a result of adverse bleeding in the first year after its approval. Hundreds more have suffered serious injury as a result of bleeding. These risks are enhanced by one of the so-called benefits of Pradaxa. Regular testing of dosage is not required for people on Pradaxa because traditional tests do not indicate how well the treatment is working. This means that people taking the drug may actually be on too high a dose and never know it. This is especially dangerous for people with decreased kidney function (common in elderly patients), since the kidneys are supposed to process and remove Pradaxa.

Risks of Pradaxa may also be increased because Pradaxa has no known antidote. Once a person starts bleeding as a result of Pradaxa, there is no way to stop it, unlike the standard treatment, warfarin, which can be reversed with a large dose of vitamin K.

Finally, a small increased risk of heart attack seen in clinical trials among Pradaxa users has recently been confirmed. The confirmation comes from a meta-analysis published this month in the Archives of Internal Medicine. This analysis confirmed the presence of risk and showed that the increase may actually be as high as 33%!

The European Medicines Agency has issued a warning about Pradaxa. The FDA has acknowledged the receipt of many reports of adverse bleeding and continues to study the effects, but states it currently believes the benefits outweigh the risks of Pradaxa.

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