Zocor Warning Label Changes

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Zocor is a cholesterol-lowering medication commonly prescribed to patients throughout the country suffering from high cholesterol. It is part of a class of drugs called statins. Its generic form, simvastatin, is prescribed as a single medication and is also sold in combination with ezetimibe as Vyotrin and in combination with niacin as Simcor.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently announced changes to the warning label for simvastatin in order to address safety risks detected by several clinical studies. A seven year trial called the Study of the Effectiveness of Additional Reductions in Cholesterol and Homocysteine found that the highest approved dosage of simvastatin, 80 mg, may lead to an increased risk of muscle injury (myopathy) during the first year of taking the drug compared with alternative drugs or lower doses of simvastatin.

Last year alone, more than two million Americans were prescribed this dangerously high dosage of simvastatin.

FDA Recommendations

Based on this data, the FDA has recommended the following label changes to all drugs containing simvastatin:

  • The 80 mg simvastatin dosage should only be used in patients who have been taking this strong a dose for more than a year without experiencing any muscle toxicity
  • No new patients should be prescribed 80 mg of simvastatin; they should receive a lower dosage
  • Certain limitations have been imposed when simvastatin is taken in conjunction with other medications

These changes to the warning label are intended to provide physicians with more complete information regarding the risks of developing muscle toxicity from taking simvastatin. If you are currently taking Zocor or any other drug containing simvastatin, you should consult your doctor to see if you might benefit from taking an alternative medication that is associated with a lower risk of muscle myopathy.

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