Defective Products

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defective_productsThere are potentially many people or entities that may be held responsible for defective products. If you have been hurt by any type of manufactured product, whether you bought it in a store, used it at work, or it was prescribed for your use by a doctor, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

The defective product lawyers at Techmeier Law Firm are committed to helping injured people and fighting for their rights. We have provided aggressive and effective representation for our clients for over thirty years, and have a great deal of valuable experience. We take personal injury and wrongful death cases where someone has been severely hurt through another person’s negligence.

Responsible Parties for Defective Products

  • The company that manufactured the product is responsible for its safety and effectiveness. Product manufacturers must market only products that are well-built and made of adequate materials. They must also devise labeling and perhaps a user’s manual giving all important information about the product so that the purchaser can use it properly and safely. If the product is for children’s use, the manufacturer must also include child safety features such as no small detachable parts that could be swallowed and no strings that could entangle a child.
  • If the manufacturing company also designed the product, they can be held liable for any design defects, aside from manufacturing defects. Perhaps a separate design company may be involved, and if so, they could be found guilty of negligence if the product causes injury.
  • The retailer can also be held liable if a product they sold harms the purchaser.
  • The product distributor can be held to account if they facilitated the sale of a defective product.

You may feel that you were at fault for not using a product correctly and according to its accompanying instructions. But if you used it in a reasonable fashion, such as might be expected of an average user, you may still have a valid legal claim.

When a defective product is used at work and injures you, your legal claim would be a workers’ compensation claim. They tend to require a great deal of paperwork and can frustrate you with their details, so please contact our defective products attorneys, who can save you a lot of headaches and obtain fairer compensation for you.

Defective Medical Products

Any medical product that you may be prescribed should be safe and its labeling or manual should clearly explain how to use it. Medical products are found to be defective too often. At Techmeier Law Firm we successfully represent people injured by medical products and obtain full and fair compensation for their injuries. As an example, please see our page on the Defective Medtronic Cardiac Lead.

  • Dangerous drugs are a type of defective medical product. All drugs have side effects and these should be clearly described in the labeling and paperwork. But when the side effects are severe and the drug’s labeling does not adequately warn patients and doctors about them, you may well have a valid legal claim.

Please contact our Milwaukee defective product lawyer if you would like to schedule a free product liability consultation. We have the experience, the tools, and the will to help you obtain justice and fair compensation for your injuries. We serve the entire state of Wisconsin.