Drugs and Medical Devices

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drugs_medicalIf you were hurt by a medical device or prescription drug, you may feel betrayed and bewildered. Advances in medical technology are supposed to save lives and improve our quality of life, but unfortunately many medical devices and drugs are defective and dangerous. They lead to over 200,000 deaths a year, and thousands more debilitating or painful injuries. Although some negative outcomes of drugs and devices are inevitable, there is growing evidence that many manufacturers could have, should have, and, in some cases, did know about the dangers of their product before it was released.

If your injury was caused by a defective medical device or prescription drug, it may have been preventable, and you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries. But getting compensation from large medical product manufacturers requires technical and legal resources, resources that Techmeier Law Firm can bring. Please call us at 800-242-1050 or use our online form to get a free case evaluation.

How Defective Medical Devices and Drugs Get Approval

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviews and approves medical devices and prescription drugs as being both safe and effective. But the FDA itself does not test devices and drugs–those tests are performed by the manufacturer seeking approval. There are many reasons why dangers of a drug or device do not show up during testing, including:

  • Small test populations
  • Carefully selected test populations
  • Patients with adverse results being “thrown out” of a test and their results hidden
  • Mathematical manipulation of results
  • Unsuccessful tests not being reported

All of these factors have allowed dangerous drugs and devices to get approval without a full appreciation of the threats they posed. And once a drug or device is approved, there are many ways that manufacturers get doctors to use it, including:

  • Paying high-profile doctors to talk about the drug or device’s virtues
  • Rewarding doctors who use a drug or device
  • Publishing ghostwritten articles promoting the drug or device’s effects
  • Sending sales representatives to hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes promoting a drug or device’s benefits and downplaying risks
  • Promoting drugs and devices for uses not approved by the FDA

All of the above have been documented by the FDA and by watchdog organizations, and have led to billions of dollars in fines for drug manufacturers in recent years.

Why Pursue Your Defective Medical Device or Drug Lawsuit

Although you might want to put the painful circumstance of your injury behind you, especially if you lost a loved one, there are many reasons to pursue a lawsuit over a dangerous medical device or drug. First, you have to ensure that your family is taken care of after your tragedy. You may be facing high medical bills with decreased income, threatening you and those who depend on you.

But even if you do not need a lawsuit to ensure your family is cared for, you should still consider filing one to protect others from having to suffer what you have suffered. Profit motives drive manufacturers to get drugs and devices onto the market, and if we want to stop dangerous drugs and devices from being marketed, we have to ensure that they will not be profitable. Your defective medical device or drug lawsuit can help.

Why Use Techmeier Law Firm for Your Lawsuit

Medical Device and drug manufacturers are often billion-dollar companies who will use their every resource to defend their profits. They also control much of the information surrounding their products. To pursue a lawsuit against them requires significant resources, including advanced legal and medical knowledge. Techmeier Law Firm is a nationwide network of some of the country’s best lawyers–like Willard P. Techmeier, senior partner at Techmeier Law Firm of Wisconsin–who have the resources to take on any opponent. Although we cannot guarantee the success of your case, we can guarantee that if you work with Techmeier Law Firm, we will bend our resources to pursue the best possible outcome for you.

To learn more about how Techmeier Law Firm can help you, please schedule a free case evaluation today.