Overloaded and Overweight Truck Accidents

///Overloaded and Overweight Truck Accidents
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Overloaded and Overweight Truck AccidentsDriving alongside tractor trailers always carries a certain level of risk, but when those trucks are overloaded, the risk of a truck accident is greatly increased.

The interstates and other roadways in Wisconsin are not immune from overloaded truck accidents. If you were hurt after being involved in a truck accident, the experienced Milwaukee attorneys at Techmeier Law Firm will seek maximum compensation for your injuries. You should not have to pay for the carelessness of a driver of an overweight truck.

Dangers of Overweight Trucks

An overloaded and overweight truck affects the maneuverability of the truck, and the increased weight can cause the truck’s mechanical components to work improperly. An overloaded truck can lead to:

  • Tire blowouts
  • Increased stopping distance
  • Increased speed downhill
  • More likely to roll over
  • Elevated center of gravity
  • Stress placed on mechanical components

An overweight truck is extremely difficult to maneuver and operate safely. The driver can quickly lose control of the massive vehicle, and the top-heavy load can cause the truck to roll over or jackknife.

When a truck driver loses control, is often unavoidable for surrounding passenger cars to become entangled. Trucks can cause cataclysmic harm to other drivers, including:

These serious injuries are expensive to treat, and may require treatment well into the future. In addition, you will have to deal with the emotional and mental anguish that accompanies your injuries. You may have to miss work or even lose your job, and your body may be forever changed.

Tractor-Trailer Weight Restrictions

The federally mandated weight limit for tractor trailers is 80,000 pounds (40 tons). An average passenger car weighs slightly more than 5,000 pounds. Most US states follow this federal weight limit, and weigh stations are meant to ensure that trucks are not overloaded as they travel from state to state; however, weigh stations are often closed, or the truckers are only issued a ticket and allowed back on the road without lightening the cargo.
Truck drivers are responsible for checking the weight of the load and that the load is balanced correctly; however, unrealistic schedules and carelessness can cause a driver to check the load quickly and improperly.

If you were injured in a truck accident in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, please contact the experienced truck accident attorneys at Techmeier Law Firm to schedule a consultation.