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Tanker Truck AccidentsAlthough not as large as semi trucks, tanker trucks can be the cause of tragic motor vehicle accidents. These trucks are highly dangerous because they are used to haul hazardous materials, which are often flammable.

Tanker truck accidents can result in violent explosions and fires. Even if you are not involved in the accident directly, you can become injured if the hazardous materials are spilled near your home or workplace.

If a tanker truck accident has caused your personal injury, the Milwaukee injury attorneys at Techmeier Law Firm have the experience necessary to seek the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Tanker Truck Loads

Some tanker trucks carry food-grade products, like milk. But the vast majority of tanker trucks are used to transport hazardous materials, including:

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Ethanol
  • Household petroleum-based products
  • Industrial chemicals

A common outcome of a tanker truck accident is an explosion leading to a fire. The fire can engulf the truck and spread to other vehicles involved in the accident. This kind of accident can cause serious injuries, including:

The outcomes possible after a tanker truck accident can be expensive to treat and may cause you a great deal of pain and suffering.

Factors Leading to a Tanker Truck Accident

Tanker trucks are very susceptible to rollovers, an often fatal auto accident. Contributing factors to rollovers include:

  • Improperly filled tank
  • High center of gravity
  • Failure to decrease speed around a curve

If the tank is not filled properly, the liquid sloshes around in all directions, causing weight to constantly shift and making the vehicle very difficult to control. The driver may be less able to maneuver, which, combined with the tanker’s high center of gravity, creates the perfect conditions for a rollover truck accident.

The special circumstances surrounding the operation of a tanker truck means drivers must be specially trained. A careless or poorly trained driver may fail to slow down around a turn, in which case the tanker is highly likely to roll over. A tanker driver can also cause a truck accident when he or she does not brake in time – tanker trucks need a greater distance than other vehicles to come to a stop.

Responsible Parties in a Tanker Truck Accident

Tanker trucks must adhere to a set of regulations different from tractor trailers. Because of the hazardous nature of the loads, tanker trucks must meet strict engineering guidelines set forth by the Department of Transportation. Also, the drivers and mechanics for these vehicles must be rigorously trained.

Negligence on the part of the driver or the people responsible for filling the tank can result in a tragic accident. People who hire the drivers or enforce training protocols can also be responsible for a truck accident.

If you were injured in a tanker truck accident in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or the surrounding areas, please contact the experienced injury attorneys at Techmeier Law Firm to schedule a consultation.