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winter truck driving accidents icy road truck crashCommercial truck drivers in Wisconsin need to work in the winter – even when the roads are snowy and icy. However, a driver who decides to pilot a tractor-trailer in inclement winter weather should take extra precautions to avoid accidents.

If a trucker driver fails to take those precautions and causes you to suffer harm in an accident, the driver and his or her trucking company should be held accountable.

A winter truck wreck lawyer atTechmeier Law Firm can investigate icy road truck crash case and seek the compensation you rightfully deserve. Contact us today and allow us to review your icy road truck crash case in a free legal consultation.

Take Caution, A Icy Road Truck Crash can be Devastating.

The same winter snow, ice, slush and/or freezing rain that are hazards to passenger cars can be even more dangerous for large commercial semis or 18-wheelers. Also, large wrecked or disabled trucks on snowy or icy roads can be hard for approaching vehicles to avoid and cause chain-reaction collisions or pileups that affect many people.

Typical truck driving behavior that leads to winter truck accidents includes: 

  • Speeding or driving too fast for conditions / following too closely – Trucks that weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds when loaded are hard enough to stop on dry pavement. On a wet or icy road, a truck driver must slow his or her rig’s speed considerably to ensure it can stop in time to avoid a collision. Slippery roads can easily cause braking trucks to slide, jack-knife, roll over or crash into other vehicles.
  • Abrupt lane changes – Truck drivers’ caution in snow and ice should include ensuring that other drivers understand their intentions. A trucker should be sure to signal for a longer period than usual and to check all mirrors and blind spots before cautiously moving to change lanes in snow, ice, rain or fog.
  • Stopping in roadways – When snow or ice makes it too dangerous to drive, truckers must be sure to get their rigs out of the roadway. A truck stopped in the road represents a collision hazard to other vehicles that may not see it in time to stop or avoid it. Even for trucks well off of the road, drivers should put warning lights on and put out caution triangles or cones behind their vehicles.
  • Poor maintenance/ preparation – Trucks should be equipped with appropriate snow tires and/or tire chains if they are to be operated in Wisconsin winters. Brakes, warning lights and other components should be in working order. Truck cargo that is improperly loaded or secured can shift and send a truck sliding or even rolling over on a slippery road.
  • Impaired driving – It should go without saying that the dangers of drunk or drugged driving, fatigued or “drowsy” driving or distracted driving are compounded dramatically in inclement weather driving.

A Winter Truck Accident Attorney in Wisconsin Can Help with Negligence

If a truck driver’s negligence has caused a crash, the driver can be held liable for injuries, property damage and other losses suffered by innocent drivers, pedestrians or others hurt in the accident.

The trucking company can be held liable for the negligence of its drivers or for its own misconduct. For instance, the trucking company may have:

  • Ordered or pressured the driver to continue driving despite inclement weather
  • Failed to properly train or supervise employees who loaded the truck, which in turn led to a cargo shift or spill.

In cases of equipment failure in a truck accident, such as faulty tires or brakes, a manufacturer may be held liable in a third-party accident claim.

A Winter Truck Wreck Lawyer Can Help Victims of Winter Truck Driving Accidents

Techmeier Law Firm can investigate your winter truck accident in Milwaukee or elsewhere in Wisconsin to determine its cause and who should be held liable. We know what to look for after a winter truck accident and how to identify and explain evidence that supports personal injury claims. We also have experience negotiating with insurers representing the trucking firms that operate in Wisconsin. They know we are not afraid to take them to court.

Contact a winter truck accident attorney in Wisconsin today to learn more and receive a free review of your case.